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Shock Bar Pin Eliminator | Front Lower | Wrangler TJ & LJ, Cherokee XJ, Comanche MJ, Grand Cherokee ZJ & WJ

Jeep Wranger TJ / Cherokee XJ / Grand Cherokee ZJ / Grand Cherokee WJ / Comanche MJ


Eliminate a common weak link on your Jeep Wrangler TJ or LJ, by upgrading the front lower shock mounts with JKS bar pin eliminators. The standard bar pin design used by most manufacturers provides no lateral support of the shock absorber bushings. Excessive movement between the parts causes the bushings to distort, instead of deflecting impacts to the shock absorber as intended. As the bushings lose their integrity, annoying "thumping" or "rattling" sounds are often heard, and even felt, inside the vehicle cabin. This solution provides a heavy duty cross pin and mount blocks to convert the shock mounting to a standard EB1 eyelet. The design prevents the transfer of noise and vibration caused by bushing movement. Shock absorber bushings are preloaded for better performance and longevity. Machined bushing surfaces reduce friction and wear. Retains the original mounting alignment to prevent stress on shock absorber and bushing. Provides almost 1/2 in. of additional down travel at shock absorber. Manufactured from premium grade steel and Zinc-coated for corrosion resistance. Compatible with OE and aftermarket shock absorbers.

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