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3 year / 36k miles Worry Free Warranty  (excludes shocks)

To the original retail purchaser, Zone Offroad offers a 3 year / 36K mile worry free warranty on all hard parts and wearable items as described below.  If you have any failure that affects the use or integrity of the product, as confirmed by Zone Offroad, we will replace that part and cover ground shipping to get it to you.  Warranty coverage does not include consumer opinions about such areas as ride comfort, fitment, and design. “3 Year/36K miles” based on whichever occurs first.

After 3 year/36k Miles – Limited Lifetime Warranty

To the original retail purchaser, Zone Offroad offers a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing all its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as that purchaser owns the vehicle on which such products were originally installed. Warranty coverage does not include consumer opinions about such areas as ride comfort, fitment, and design.

Wearable items” include Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, and Bushings. Zone Offroad will cover items that have been well maintained and are free of contamination, damage, or wear due to improper use or installation, for the first 3 years/36k miles, whichever comes first. 3 years/36k miles based on retail customer receipt.

Product Finish Warranty:  Zone Offroad products may be examined for warranty consideration within 12 months from the date of purchase.  Exclusions include, but are not limited to, damage caused by tools, road debris, trail use, general maintenance, salty/corrosive environments, etc.

Zone Offroad Shocks and Fox Adventure Series Shocks:  Shock oil seals are not covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty because they are subject to wear over time and use. At Zone Offroad’s discretion, leaking shock seals less than 2 years from date of purchase, free from contamination, damage, or abnormal seal wear due to misuse can be considered for repair or replacement under warranty.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to products characterized by one or more of the following:

  • Products that have been subject to abuse, neglect, accident, fire, improper installation or adjustment, and corrosion.
  • Products that have been modified or altered outside of or beyond Zone Offroad specifications.
  • Products used in application other than those recommended in the current Zone Offroad catalog or web site or in the instructions accompanying the Zone Offroad product.
  • Products that are used for competition or racing activities.
  • Products that wear out or fail due to the use of larger wheels or tires are not covered under this warranty by Zone Offroad.
  • The warranty on commercial application vehicles shall extend only 1 year.

In a situation where a Zone Offroad product is found to contain a defect in material or workmanship within the stated warranty period (unless caused by one or more of the above stated conditions), Zone Offroad, at its option, will either replace the product or repair the product. To make a claim under this Limited Lifetime Warranty, purchaser must:

  • Contact Zone Offroad directly at, com, or 888-998-9663. Only Zone Offroad can approve or deny a warranty request.
  • Proof of purchase including Customer Name, Purchase date, vehicle milage, product number and price paid are required for all warranties.
  • Photos of product are required as well.
  • If a warranty is approved, Zone Offroad will replace or repair the product and cover ground shipping at no cost to you! If we require the warranty part to be returned, we will send you a shipping label to return the product at no cost to you as well!

Expedited Freight charges, installation cost, labor cost, damage to related components, cost incurred due to down time of vehicle, normal wear and tear, lost profits and incidental or consequential damages are not covered under this lifetime warranty.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state. There are no warranties expressed or implied (including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness), which extend beyond this Limited Lifetime Warranty described herein.

NOTICE: Zone Offroad strongly recommends installation of products be done by a certified mechanic. If this does not occur, be certain the person(s) installing the product reads, understands, and follows all instructions and warnings pertaining to the application before installation. Installation instructions are also available prior to your purchase.



Installation of suspension lift kits or any other lifting kits or devices will raise the center of gravity. For this reason, Zone Offroad urges that extreme caution be used when encountering driving conditions which may cause vehicle imbalance. Furthermore, the driver’s field of vision and judgment will not be as good due to the height of the vehicle. Due to the installation of larger tires, the speedometer will read slower than the actual speed being traveled and more distance will be required to stop the vehicle. It is the owner’s responsibility to caution and warn any potential driver of the vehicle about these driving and handling conditions.

Zone Offroad will not be held liable or responsible for damages or personal injuries resulting from the use of lifting devices and/or related products. The tires and rims should be changed to sufficiently increase the vehicle’s total overall width and stability to help accommodate lifting devices.

Zone Offroad also recommends that the steering system on lifted vehicles be appropriately corrected to reduce steering stress and angles. Once completed, the vehicle should be inspected by a professional mechanic including such areas as the steering system, brake system, speedometer re calibration, and clearance, for tire and suspension travel and tightness of all installed products. Every Zone Offroad suspension kit includes a “Driver Warning” decal and the literature explaining this information which should be read and understood completely before driving, and the decal should be placed in a position clearly visible by the driver and all occupants.

NOTICE: Most states have some type of law limiting vehicle height. The amount of lift allowed, and how the lift can be achieved, varies greatly. Several states offer exemptions for farm and commercial registered vehicles. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to check state and local laws to ensure that their vehicle will be in compliance.

Zone Offroad reserves the right to make changes in design, materials, specifications and product changes as deemed necessary without prior notice and without assuming and obligation to modify any product previously manufactured. Obligation or liabilities will not be assumed with respect to similar products.

All Zone Offroad material is copyrighted.