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FlexConnect Tunable Swaybar Link Spring Set - Road + Trail + Crawl

2007 - 2016 Jeep Wrangler


Upgrade your Flex Connect Sway Bar Link with this 3-spring, Crawl / Trail / Road Kit for ultimate performance versatility and roll stiffness tunability from JKS. Three unique spring sets are included, each tuned for different terrains and / or vehicle setups: Red Spring (Road) - Effective spring rate is 45% softer than factory, 1.3" total link travel - High Rate/Low Travel - For those looking to maintain on road manners but gain a little more Flex Connect travel and forgiveness over the preinstalled stock spring. Also a great choice to higher speed off-road situations Yellow Spring (Trail) - Effective spring rate is 60% softer than factory, 1.6" total link travel - Mid Rate/Mid Travel - For those looking to venture off the trail for mild off-roading at moderate speeds Blue Spring (Crawl) - Effective spring rate is 75% softer than factory, 2.3" total link travel - Low Rate/High Travel - For playing in the rocks and off-camber situation. Gives more suspension articulation then a stand link/sway bar setup while maintaining the stability of the sway bar.

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