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5.5” Suspension Lift kit

2015-2022 Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon

From $1,257.70

To properly lift the Colorado/Canyon suspension 5.5", we started with ductile cast iron steering knuckles that reposition critical steering and control arm mounting locations, and work in harmony with the heavy-duty, fabricated crossmembers. Differential drop brackets lower and reposition the front differential for correct CV shaft angles and still allow for use of the factory front driveshaft with the help of a spacer that helps retain optimum CV joint positioning. A full-width differential skid plate protects the relocated differential from the underside and ties the front and rear crossmembers together. Factory struts are retained and relocated with top spacers to gain a full 5.5" of lift without requiring any strut disassembly and that position the struts to eliminate binding through wheel travel. In the rear, a new block and U-bolt kit provided 4" of lift to level out the rear with the front. Extended sway bar links, bump stop extensions, and brake line relocation are also included.

Quick Specs

305 / 55
Max Tire Size
Front Lift Height
Rear Lift Height
6-8 hrs
Installation Time

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