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Indexing Ring Kit

Ford Super Duty Indexing Ring Kit


Zone Offroad is now offering new transfer case indexing ring kits for the later model 2017+ Ford Super Duty truck. Designed for applications with 6"+ lift, this kit allows the use of the factory driveshafts while eliminating any potential driveline vibration caused by excessive operating angles. This kit rotates the transfer case 11 degrees to improve front driveshaft output for improved operating angle while utilizing a super stong, yet ultra thin 1/4" design for optimal spline engagement once installed. ARP studs and hardware hold the new setup in place. On the Super Duty trucks the factory transmission crossmember doesn't allow sufficient clearance for the indexed driveline so a high clearance, heavy duty crossmember is supplied built from 1/4" steel and ready to bolt into place with the supplied hardware. Set your lifted Super Duty up right with this indexing ring kit from Zone Offroad.

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