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You must have a Zone Offroad Products account to add a vehicle. You can add images and updates to your submission anytime just by logging into your Zone Offroad Products account and going to Edit My Vehicles. You will receive a confirmation email after you submit your vehicle and you will see it in the recently added vehicles in the search. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Bad-to-the-Bone Zone submissions including photos, vehicle details, and modification information has been provided by individuals and may include products and modifications not recommended by Zone Offroad. This section of the site should not be used to determine products for your vehilce. The product section of this site should be used instead.

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Use these tips to take better photos of your Ride

  • Change your camera settings to the highest resolution and largest size possible if you want to print your off road truck, SUV, or Jeep photos or submit them for consideration in our marketing materials. (no low-resolution cell phone pics, no Facebook submissions, avoid low-light and night photos)
  • We love action shots. You may have to change your camera settings if you are shooting a moving truck/Jeep. Stopping in the middle of rough terrain can also result in a great photo without worrying about motion blur.
  • If taking a photo of an off-road road vehicle, it will look more natural in an off-road setting than in your driveway.
  • Avoid cutting off part of your lifted Jeep, SUV or pickup truck unless you´re after a special effect or closeup.
  • Make sure the truck is either immaculately clean or purposefully dirty in an off-road setting.
  • Clear the clutter to focus on your vehicle. Your vehicle won´t look its best with distracting buildings, other vehicles, or garbage cans surrounding it.
  • You may want to remove your license plate if it will show in the picture. You can also use photo editing software to remove it later.
  • Shooting from a low perspective will really show off your lifted Jeep/truck/SUV.
  • As you’ll notice in our own pictures, we like ¾ views for showing off both the front and side view of a vehicle.
  • Make sure you don’t cut off the front or rear of the off road vehicle for full vehicle shots.
  • Take your lifted truck photos level with the horizon.
  • Resaving JPEG files multiple times reduces their quality. So if you’re going to make any corrections in photo editing software, make the changes to the original file and then save once.