Zone in Moab: Easter Jeep Safari Update

Well Zone’s had an exciting first couple of days at the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari from 4wheeling and photoshoots, to wrenching and enjoying the amazing views. Every day is jammed packed with events and offroad action. The rigs has been holding up phenomenally over the past few days taking everything we’ve thrown at it. While out at Area BFE we did encounter a precarious obstacle and a rock that was hell bent on damaging our fiberglass fenders. The weather started of cold on Monday as morning snow blanketed the area, but has warmed up by Tuesday to be in the high 70s. Great wheeling and great weather expected the rest of the week as we get set for the vendor show at the spanish arena on Thursday and Friday. If you’re in Moab this week, look for us to get your free beer coupon and have a beer on the guys from Zone!

Here’s a few shots from the day, for more make sure to check out our Facebook page at

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  1. steve Reply

    With all this carnage you boys better be having a good time and making a lot of people smile!! The Boss

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